Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Mama's Birthday

Today is my mothers 83rd birthday! Not that she even realized it. She is senile now and really has no idea of what day it is or what year it is. Lately, she has been pretty good at remembering that I am her daughter. There for a while she referred to me as the lady that lived upstairs. For some odd reason she has thought that there is other people that live here too. Other than my brother and myself. Her main joy in life is my dog, Angel. He has been living here with her for the last several years. I couldn't have him in the townhome I was renting. Sad part is Angel is also pretty old and senile too. So they really do make a good pair. Mom is constantly following the Angel around the house to see if he needs to go out. And we find little cups of dog food in the oddest places. Heaven forbid poor Angel gets hungry while lying behind the toilet!?! Or you never know when he might climb into the dryer for a snack. Then she has a very weird habit of hiding things. Oh I have caught her pocketing some very odd stuff from empty milk jugs, to pot lids and frying pans. My poor brother is still trying to find the lid to the vegetable steamer. When you catch her in the act and ask her what she's doing poor woman gets all nervous and claims "nothing, nothing at all". Regardless, of all her odd ways, I was blessed with the best mother. Some where I read that we pick our parents to help us in the life we are entering into. If so, than I did a wonderful job of picking in this life. Happy birthday mama! I love you.

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