Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas Wreath

I know I haven't written in so long and I am so sorry. As of November 2nd I started back to college online. Between school and work I haven't had time to breath. I know that I still have to award people with my awards and hopefully I will in the next two weeks.
The reason I made it a point to write tonight. As I drove up our street tonight I saw my neighbor across the street put up their Christmas decorations. I moved into this house with my parents when I was nine and every year since then I felt like Christmas was definately on it's way when I would see the Palmisano's christmas decorations. When I was little there was a Santa in a sled with reindeer on the roof, A boy and girl caroling, and a few other assorted treats. Of course lots of lights. But the best of all was this huge wreath that you would have to step through to go to the front door. This wreath was hand made by Mr. Palmisano. It was constructed out of wood and decorated with lights and a big red bow. They have been putting the wreath up for all these years. Well last year they said it would be the last year for the wreath. They have threatened that before but faithfully the next year the wreath would be errected for another christmas. Well sadly enough the wreath is not up. This made me realize all the wonderful memories of christmas past. Growing up and the anticipation of christmas morning. My daughter was lucky enough to experience the thrill of the wreath growing up also. The house is decorated once again very wonderfully. They have some of those air filled characters and of course lots of lights. They continue to do this for their grandchildren and now their great grandchildren. I don't think I ever realized how much that wreath meant to me until tonight. Over the years of raising my daughter and trying to get everything I could on her list to Santa, I lost the christmas spirit. It became the horror of I have to shop for all this stuff and how I going to pay for all this. OMG where am I going to find that certain Barbie? I have to get that Barbie! I got to be ridiculous where I would break down and cry because I couldn't remember what tee shirt at Pac Sun she wanted. I tried so hard to make sure her christmas was perfect. Now that she is grown (19)and I can't really get her to much due to getting it back out west. I have to go more with the gift certificate route. I am realizing that all the happy memories I had sitting on the floor with her opening those presents and seeing her little face light up were way worth it. I know all you moms out there are rushing around right now trying to get the newest Barbie or that video game for your little ones. If so, stop take a moment to think of something from your past christmas' try to remember what this season is all about. Be grateful for those childhood memories and enjoy your future moments with your family and friends. And hopefully the palmisano clan gets to read this. Thank you for all your love support and encouragement for the last 20 years. You have been there for me in one way or another and I am so grateful. And Mr. and Mrs. Palmisano thank you for that beautiful wreath it has brought happiness to both me and Kady.

PS. I think I have a picture of the wreath I will post soon.