Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Crazy LIfe

 May was the last time I sat down to blog. On May 22nd Kady came home from college with a girlfriend for a week. Everything was great. My baby girl was home, she had her friend here for a week and we got to show her the sites of Atlantic City and she met all Kady's friends. They even got to go up to NYC to for a little overnight trip. Well then everything went downhill from there. A week later I got this call at work from my daughter sobbing hysterically. She was on her way back from dropping her friend off at the airport and was about 10 minutes from home and she was in a car accident. All I remember hearing was she had glass in her head! I don't think I have ever have driven so fast down the White Horse Pike in my life. She was at home because she refused medical treatment at the scene. I got to the house and she just collasped in my arms crying and kept saying it wasn't her fault. It seems that a man was busy looking at his GPS ran a red light and she did not have enough time to stop. The car was totaled! All I cared about was that she was alright. I then had to take her to the emergency ward to have her checked out.  Nothing broken, just bruised up. Glass was in her hair not in her head, thank God! Now the fun part police reports, insurance papers and the very rude insurance adjuster from the man's insurance agency. Then of course getting Kady another car. You don't know how terrible I felt when most of the dealerships told us that I wasn't a strong enough co-signer and she had no one else that would co-sign for her. I am a firm believer in " The Secret" especially after this episode of mishaps. When both of us were at the end of our ropes and did not know how to remedy this I recieved a piece of mail that implied that I was eligable for a car loan at a local dealership. One we had not even gone to. I called to find out more about it and I was told to come in and meet with Tim Flannagan. So off we went to give this one more try. When we walked into Tim's office I knew I knew him from somewhere and the same was going through his mind. It turns out he and his wife use to babysit Kady when she was small. I haven't seen this man in about 15 years. Once we realized how we knew each other he guaranteed that by hell or high water he would figure out a way for us to get a car loan. A few days later Kady was driving off the lot with a 2008 Chevy Colbalt. Granted Kady's dream car is a Ford Mustang but she was just happy we got a car. One problem solved .
Next, this was the year Kady was going to bring her car with her to school out west. Now, my job if that is what you want to call it was only giving me anywhere from 10 to 17 hours a week. At $8.50 an hour that doesn't even pay my bills. So money was so tight.  Kady was working 40 hours a week through the summer to help me pay the bills. She was going to take the money this summer to help her with the cost of the apartment she was moving into. Well the cost of getting the car out there and her flying  was draining the rest of her hard earned money. Then low and behold we got her student loan and we ended up with more than we expected. We ended up driving the car out together and me flying home. Once again the Universe came through for us. We had a wonderful trip that we will remember always. Now the other problem which I don't think that the universe can fix is my mother. The Alzheimers is getting worse. We have to watch her very closely that she does not get in the shower without our help and or do something that she may injure herself. I feel like my brother and I now have a toddler to watch over. She doesn't know how to wash her own hair now or brush her teeth. I now have become a mother to my mother and it's so hard and heartbreaking. Another strokeof universal intervention did come about a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to go back to making jewelry but I have been totally uninspired. Well my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go back to teaching classes at Michaels. I jumped at the chance because I loved teaching the classes and realized that maybe this is what I needed to do to try to get my creative juices flowing again. The other thing that I really loved doing was blogging and decided that I will start another blog for my students. So there is my story of my crazy life. Now it is time to buckle down and start to take some time for me. Even if it means locking myself in a closet somewhere to try to meditate for 10 minutes. Well enough of me rambling on. Off to get some much need sleep. Sweet dreams

Carol Betz