Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Lost a Tiny Piece of My Heart.

This post is mainly a plee to be there for a mother who lost her son this week.  I received a text on January 6th at 7:45 am from my first love. It read, "Kevin died in a car accident last nite, please pray for mom". I have known this family since I was 12 years old. I won't really get into the first love part of the story except that we are friends but he lives out of state with his wife and son. Now Kevin is his 33 year old brother who I was there the day he came home from the hospital. I am extremely close to his mother Carolyn and she has been there for me with wine hugs and pep talks that have gotten me through alot. This woman is amazing at  64 years old she is gorgeous. I have alway said I only wish I could be so beautiful. Kevin is her youngest son who had 2 beautiful daughters that worshiped their dad. Kevin always lived life to the fullest and I use to think the kid had nine lives. At a young age he was hit by a car crossing the street on Halloween. Then he had a heart problem that from what I gathered could have killed him very quickly. Kevin loved motorcylcles and fast cars. Well he got into a friends souped up car that night to go for a drive and now none of us will ever be able to see that beautiful smile again. Tonight was the sevice and I was in amazement of how many people were there. I honestly can say I have never seen so many people at a memorial service in my life. Which only cemented the fact that he has brought happiness to so many and the world has lost a precious soul.
Through all of this I keep thinking of Carolyn. She was very strong at the service and like she said this is what Kevin would have wanted. I guess I am writing this post to ask everyone that reads this to pray for her. I can not image the pain this woman is feeling. All of us as mothers know how deeply our love is for our children and to lose one of our children is a pain that is unbearable. It kills me to think of her hurting in such a way. I thought that maybe if I could get as many people to keep her in their thoughts and prays that maybe she may feel some peace. So when you have a moment to spare say a quick pray for Carolyn.

Thank you,