Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

When I got off work tonight and drove home I realized that I did not see one child in a costume today. I saw plenty of adults. I especially saw quite a few younger women in costumes that should have been more for the bedroom then in public. But no little children. As I drove onto our street I wondered where all the children were that usually crowded the sidewalks of our block. Not one child in sight. Weird. As I parked my car I realized that almost all the houses on the block were dark. That was sort of a sad, no one was giving candy out this year? As I got out of my car a heard a lot of rucus coming from a house the next street over. At first I thought it was from the house that always had a haunted walk thru.  They scared the kids ever since my daughter's  first halloween. But sadly enough, no it wasn't that, it was the house next door having a party. Not a party for their children but a party for the adults. And they sounded like this party had been going on for a few hours already from the comments I was hearing. Well as I walked in my house the first thing my brother informs me was that they had no kids this year! This is a first. This block was always one of the busiest blocks on halloween, now nothing. Most of the parents were going to see a local band at a bar in the area or had parties to go to themselves. Tell me when did halloween become an adult holiday? I must have missed that memo! I know the world is not as safe as it was when I was a child but come on. My daughter treat or treated on this street all through her adolensence due to the fact that alot of the families we knew. Alot of people would bring their children to the shops in the casinos knowing that maybe it would be a safer bet. Not this year. I think the beginning of the end is one of the last times I took Kady around, other parents had wagons that they would drag around with them. No, not for their tired little tots but for the cooler full of beers. Makes you wonder what our world is coming to when parents can't even take time to spend  with their little ones with out a bud light. Gloomy thought huh?
Well for you moms and dads that walked all over the neighborhoods to search for the house that had the best candy. Carried all the extra accessories to those costumes that your child handed you at the second house you went too. Had to go up to the door yourself cause your little one wanted no parts of that scary witch by the door. Had to try to keep your eye on your little pink power ranger in admist of 5 of them running for the same door. And all the other wonderful things that happens on this night. Thank you for being a good parent.