Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today I started to go through some of my clothes and beauty products. The next thing you know my room looked like a bomb went off in it. As soon as I can find the cord to the camera in this mess I'll down load the pictures. I already knew that I was in desperate need of clothes. What I found was I have quite a number of tee shirts but no jeans or shorts. Also, I have not one cute summer dress or skirt. Sad, isn't it? Told you I let my self go. I got so frugul to the point I didn't feel it was necessary. There was always something else I could spend the money on than me. Well I made a vow that once I got my tax return money that I was going to go on a shopping spree. Yahoo! The money is in my account. As I was dragging out all of these relics of clothing and old beauty products I decided to sit down and do this shopping spree in a very organized manner. This way I know what I'm looking for and not to go overboard on things I really don't need. Then maybe when I get out to the store I won't get that I don't need it feeling. I will know I do. Since I'm someone out of the loop of whats in style (I never thought I would say that. I was always a little fashionista) I am going to go and look at a couple of magazines to see what style and colors are in.
One thing I am definately getting this year is a bathing suit. I haven't had one in years. I never seem to have the time to go to the beach. I live about 15 minutes away. See what I mean never think of me time. When I lived out west I was at the beach almost daily. Even if it meant grabbing a cup of coffee and walking down just to sit and look at  the ocean. I know that most of you ladies are younger than me so here's some words of advice. Do not let this happen to you. Always take alittle time out for yourself. What ever seemed more pressing will be there when you come back. Trust me on that one. Well anyway off to the store for me to go get a couple of magazines. Since it is a nice day out today maybe I'll go to the beach with a cup of coffee and towel and read them on the beach. See ya later. Toddles

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