Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Dream Home

Everyone has at one time or another talked about what they would do if they won the lottery. Well of course I am no different. I use to always say that if a bag of money fell in front of me I would with in a matter of hours be on the next plane to Santa Barbara, California. As I have gotten older and having a mother who needs me I would stick around NJ until a later time. Well with that in mind and my current financial woes I have found a house that I think about almost every day. It's my dream house. No it's not some huge mansion but yes it is big especially for an empty nester like me. I came upon this house on the Internet while browsing at homes in the area about three years ago. At that time I was about to send my one and only child across the country to college and was absolutely broke. Duh! Doesn't everyone start looking at homes they can't afford when they're pretty much destitute. I guess my reasoning at that time was something wonderful had to happen because things seemed so bleak. You see, I totally believe in "The Secret" and Kabbalah. It has proven true to me time after time.So maybe that is why I was looking at homes. No major miracle ever came, but one thing did happen I had found very cool. When I found this house on the Internet it did not give an address. I had no idea where in our township it was. One day before I moved out of my rented town home, avoiding the whole packing process (which was pack a box and cry) I decided to just go take a ride.  As I was driving around I decided to turn down this street I had never been down. Well as I got toward the end of this of this street, there it was my Internet "dream home"! I sat there for about 5 or 10 minutes just staring in complete amazement. What made me get here I kept thinking. Then I realized the neighbors were peering out their windows and probably wondering why was I sitting there so I slowing drove away.
 I have been thinking about that home now for the last three years.The other day  I decided to take a detour from my errands and see my home which more than likely would have been sold and some family was contently living in by now. Well was I wrong! The home has still not sold. I think the contractor is using it as the model home. The advertising is still on the lawn. Now when I have that bag of money fall in front of me I can go live in my "dream home". It's just sitting waiting for me to come move in. I hear how people want expensive cars and trips around the world and all kinds of things. All I want is to cuddle up on my own couch in my perfect home. I want to have a place so that when Kady comes back for her breaks at college she has a place to call home!

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